Graphics & Signage

Bringing Communication to Life..

Communication is important to every organisation. Despite the promotion of the paperless business, printed communication is now more important than ever.

Signage needs to stand out and make a statement just to cut through the clutter of a commercialised society. From simple direction messages to  corporate branding, signage must ‘say’ a lot.

Design Tints has a growing reputation in the signage industry with creative solutions to basic and complex communication requirements. When you have something to say, let us help you say it.

External Building Signage

Bring your building to life with external signage from Design Tints. When you invest in creative, eye-catching signage, you put your business in front of new customers every day. It makes sense to spend your marketing money on the advertising space you already own. Your company signage is often the first point of customer engagement.

Internal Building Signage

Make your brand stand out with eye-catching signage solutions that command attention and reinforce your identity within your interior spaces. From interior wayfinding signs to informational, branding and directional signage, we offer a variety of options to suit your business needs. Our signage solutions are customizable to blend seamlessly with your environment, effectively communicating information and enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of your interior spaces.

Wall Graphics

Transform bland walls into dynamic showcases with wall graphics that draw the eye and excite the mind. From branding and storytelling to creating immersive environments, our wall graphics solutions offer endless possibilities for enhancing aesthetics and communication.


Bright, LED light boxes create an effect that the eye is naturally drawn to. Working 24/7 to showcase your brand in the best light possible, this is an excellent form of signage for your business. Get seen from high traffic areas by placing a light box under your veranda, making your business easy to locate. Indoors, they can be used to highlight your brand above counters and reception areas, giving your brand a polished, refined look.

Glass Graphics

Maximize the visual impact of glass surfaces with custom graphics that seamlessly integrate with your interior design. Whether subtle branding elements or eye-catching artwork, our glass graphics solutions bring glass to life.

Architectural Wrap

Personalize your space with custom prints or cutouts reflecting your unique style and messaging. Whether you need large-format graphics for advertising or intricate designs, our custom printing and cutting capabilities ensure precise and eye-catching results.

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