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Design Tints continues to stand by their commitment to provide professional service and high-quality products. Below is a collection of projects we have worked on.

Link Group

With this new office fitout for Link Group worked hard with designers Group GSA to ensure their vision would be brought to life.

This job required Design Tints to bring together their in house designers and utilise various print media’s to give a stunning finish to the office. The internal partitions utilised Design Tints
latest UV print technology that can print on nearly anything. Some areas required more privacy so the design was printed on frost film and where a more open finish was required the design was printed on optical clear film.

The wall graphic details Link Group’s mission statement and core values.

Link Group 3D logo cut and painted acrylic to the lift lobby area and to the reception desk.

Villa Maria Winery

With the design of modern buildings using more and more glass and occupants wanting to enjoy the glorious views this has created problems with heat and glare.

DeSign Tints can provide solutions to these problems through their experienced consultants and access to a vast range of superior window tint films.

Clever building managers have upgraded their windows to include solar film, passing the energy savings onto tenants who benefit from comfortable indoor environments, a reduction in glare on computer screens and improved employee satisfaction.

McAuley High School

The main sign was fabricated from ACM panels with folder edges and installed onto a steel frame.

The lettering is painted router cut acrylic with stand offs.

The main reception sign is router cut and painted acrylic to the special design that was requiered. Middle section is router cut painted letters with stand offs.


When HSBC wanted to move their office they contracted L T McGuinness to build a comfortable and appealing work space.

This project made use of precision cut white film. The white film pattern included aspects of HSBC logo in various sizes. The solid Dusted Haze film giving both privacy and design but still allowing light into the area.

The curved wall by reception where we printed the HSBC iconic lions on clear matt film and die cut around the edges.

Southern Cross Wall Graphics

Wall Graphics at Southern Cross offices

General Electric

Double layer of film 3M Dusted & Frosted crystal

Chapman Tripp

  • Frost film pattern depicting geographic grid lines
  • A bold design was need for Chapman Tripp’s reception. Using quality printed film the entrance makes a bold statement


Entrance – brick wall print and cut out wall graphics film

Westfield Manukau

Film type DST AG anti-graffiti film to protect the exterior glass from being tagged and damaged.

Campbell Tyson

Router cut letters from serotone material and applied to wall with 10mm stand offs.

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